Board of Advisors

As the largest insect-science society in the world, the Entomological Society of America is leading a global initiative to engage and empower other entities worldwide to take on Grand Challenges we face in the coming decades to which entomology can make a unique and powerful contribution. The Board of Advisors are distinguished scientists, business leaders, and change advocates that provide their expertise and perspective in advising the leadership of the Grand Challenge Initiative.

April Burke, President and Founder, Lewis-Burke Associates LLC. As the founder of a leading firm advocating for institutions of higher education and other research and education organizations, Ms. Burke provides the Board of Advisors with key insights into public policy aspects of the Grand Challenge agenda. Learn more about April Burke.

Robert E. Page, Ph.D., Provost and Foundation Chair of Life Sciences, Arizona State University. Dr. Page’s background in behavior and population genetics and his current research on the evolution of honey bees’ complex social behavior provides him with unique insight into the mobilization of large groups to promote global welfare through insect science. Learn more about Robert Page.

Niko Pfund, Global Academic Publisher, Oxford University Press (OUP), and President, Oxford University Press, USA. Oxford University Press stands for excellence in research, scholarship, and education and strives to enable, support, and facilitate research and scholarship. Mr. Pfund contributes a depth of knowledge and scholarly resources to GCAFE. Learn more about Niko Pfund.

Frank Zalom, Ph.D., ESA Past President and Distinguished Professor of Entomology, University of California-Davis. As a respected leader in the entomological sciences and a Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences, ESA, and AAAS, Dr. Zalom brings scientific leadership and expertise to the Board of Advisors. Dr. Zalom serves as the chair of the Board of Advisors. Learn more about Frank Zalom.