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Challenge: Public Health

Vector-borne diseases (VBD) are responsible for 17% of all infectious diseases and annually cause more than a million human deaths. Reducing disease transmission is a multifaceted, complex goal.

Challenge: Feed the World

In industrialized nations, farmers face 10% insect-related crop reductions, while many developing nations face more than double that, with 25% losses attributed to insects. Sustainable agriculture is a multifaceted challenge facing today’s society.

Inspection of incoming plant material

Challenge: Invasive Species

Invasive insects are a global challenge that imposes a massive economic burden. We identify critical needs that must be addressed by insect scientists given the ongoing challenge of biological invasions and the factors contributing to their increase.

News and Announcements

The Path Forward on Invasive Arthropods: Collaboration, Innovation, and More

(This article is reprinted with permission from EntomologyToday, where it was first published on January 30, 2019) At the Grand Challenge Agenda for Entomology summit, “Addressing the North American and Pacific Rim Invasive Insect and Arthropod Species Challenge,” November 9-10,…

And now the hard part …

Last month we hosted a summit in Vancouver, BC Canada on invasive arthropod species. Maybe you heard about it.  The idea was to get some really smart people who care about finding solutions to the invasive species challenge together to…

Monsanto and Syngenta Sponsor the 2018 Vancouver Summit

On June 1, 2018, both Syngenta and Monsanto agreed to become sponsors of the 2018 Grand Challenges Summit: Addressing the North American and Pacific Rim Invasive Insect and Arthropod Species Challenge. The summit, which will be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada immediately…

Aedes aegypti

Ante la diseminación del virus Zika y otros virus, entomólogos internacionales se reunirán y colaborarán en el control de mosquitos transmisores de enfermedades

Click here to read this in English. Click here to read em português. Annapolis, MD, January 27, 2016 – On March 13, 2016, in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil, the Entomological Society of America (ESA) and the Sociedade Entomológica do Brasil (SEB)…

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Entomólogos internacionais se reúnem e colaboram para buscar maneiras de controlar os mosquitos transmissores de doenças

Cumbre sobre  las crisis del Aedes aegypti en las Américas: Unirse para enfrentar un gran desafío

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