Communication Tools in Use for the Invasive Species Summit

One of the primary purposes of the summit is to help develop the communication tools to talk about invasive species in such a way as to expand the global community of people who care about and will work toward the solutions of the invasive species challenge. To do that, new communication tools are required.

Olson.RandyThe steering committee for the summit has engaged scientist-turned-filmmaker, Dr. Randy Olson, to work with the participants on developing outcome statements that convey the challenge in accessible dialogue and format. Olson has developed a technique called the ABT Narrative Template that uses the words “And”, “But”, and “Therefore” as a framing device for describing a challenge like invasives. The technique has been used successfully by government agencies, universities, and NGOs to develop better communication. It is explained in great detail in one of Olson’s books “Houston, We Have A Narrative” and in briefer detail in this ABT-Shorthand-Reference-Card.

Participants are encouraged to review the basic structure of the ABT model prior to the summit in order to be able to participate fully.