Poster Details

  • Size: Each poster must be contained within the 46 x 46 inch (117 x 117 cm) space provided. Two posters will be displayed on each side of a single board (four posters per board). The poster must not exceed the size limit. Please be considerate of the person with whom you are sharing a display space. If your poster is larger than the above dimensions, ESA reserves the right to remove or fold your poster to accommodate space for others.
  • Presentation and Viewing Times: Posters will be available for viewing throughout the day and a half Summit. There will be no formal viewing time, though presenters are encouraged to be near their poster during session breaks in order to maximize communication with the attendees.
  • Set Up: Participants may set up their posters as early as 12:00 pm on Friday, November 9 and all are asked to set up their poster no later than 5:00 pm on November 9. Your poster should be displayed for the duration of the two day Summit. Bring your own Velcro strips (push pins are not allowed in the Fairmount) to secure your display to the poster board. The poster board is covered with felt cloth and the frame is aluminum. Please do not attached anything to the metal frame.
  • Poster Removal: Please remove your poster promptly at the conclusion of the Summit (currently scheduled for 5:30 pm, November 10). The board will be quickly dismantled and moved to another location and you may lose your poster if you do not remove it. If your poster is not removed by this time, ESA will remove the poster and leave it at the back of the room. ESA will not be held responsible for any missing or damaged posters.