Invitation Request – Invasive Species Summit

The Entomological Society of America (ESA), the Entomological Society of Canada (ESC), and the Entomological Society of British Columbia (ESBC) are convening a summit (November 10, 2018, in Vancouver, BC) of the world’s entomology thought leaders – those who have the ability to be change-makers on issues of global importance. In this summit, we will explore the topic of invasive arthropod species with an emphasis on North America and the Pacific Rim, seeking to find areas of consensus for collaboration to solve this vexing and challenging problem.

The Summit will be held immediately prior to Entomology 2018, the Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) of ESA, ESC, and ESBC, 11-14 November in Vancouver. While attendance at the JAM would incur a registration fee, there is no fee to attend the summit. However, in most instances, attendees will need to bear their own travel costs.

If you are a globally-recognized entomologist, a professional working on invasive species, the leader of a national entomological society, or a representative from a funding institution interested in reaching this audience, please click here to request an invitation to join us at the Addressing the North American and Pacific Rim Invasive Insect and Arthropod Species Challenge, or fill out this form.