Posters – Invasive Species Summit

There are a limited number of poster slots available for participants who wish to highlight breakthrough and important research on invasive arthropod species. Poster submissions were accepted through October 10, 2018. The posters will be displayed throughout the Summit in the main plenary room of the conference sessions. Click through for more details on posters, including setup and removal.

Accepted posters:

  • Assessing the host range of Nipponaclerda biwakoensis (Hemiptera: Aclerdidae), a grass scale associated with Phragmites die-offs in Louisiana; R. Diaz, et al.
  • Developing an Area-wide approach to management of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in Georgian Hazelnuts, a cooperative effort of Industry, University and USDA personnel; P. Mulder, et al.
  • Emerging Technologies for Invasive Species Genome Sequencing; S. Sim and S. Geib.
  • Going green and getting high improves detection of potentially invasive wood boring beetles; J. Sweeney, et al.
  • Invasive Species Science Policy Field Tour: A Plant-Insect Ecosystems Section Initiative; T. Anderson, et al.
  • Minimizing Introductions via the Wood Packaging Pathway; F. Campbell and G. Lovett.
  • National Assessment of Invasive Species in Forests and Grasslands of the United States; V. Lopez, et al.
  • Rethinking biological control programs as planned invasions; C. Moffat  and P. Abram.
  • Tree-SMART Trade: Policy Recommendations to Reduce the Importation of Forest Pests; G. Lovett, et al.
  • Utilizating comparative genomic resources to develop robust diagnostic tools for invasive species; S. Geib and J. Dupuis.
  • What does the public think about using gene drive insects in food production?; J. Elsensohn, et al.